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Etisalat Mobile TV service is a new service that allows Etisalat's Prepaid & Postpaid customers the ability to view live television channels on their 3/3.5G enabled GSM handsets except Blackberry, Android& iPhone.
The streamed TV channels can be viewed by mobile TV subscriber using a 3/3.5G enabled handsets with generic media player such as real player (after setting it to view mobile TV channels).



Mobile TV subscriber will also get the basic 3G service Pay As You Use by default, when applying for Mobile TV Service.



Note: This service is available within UAE with 3G coverage area.




Mobile TV Services offer you a number of different benefits including the following:

*          A new and fun, service

*          Connects instantly: connect your mobile and watch the preferred program or

            show directly on mobile screen

*          Provides entertainment on the move during idle times





Charges (AED)


Subscription Charges


Rental Charges

39/ Month

Usage Charges


Unlimited Usage


All our customers who are an existing or new GSM or Wasel users, can subscribe to Mobile TV

Handset Limitation

All 3/3.5G enabled Mobile handsets except Blackberry, Android& iPhone.


Note: The applicable rental of AED39 that is already billed/deducted from your GSM/Wasel account respectively, will not be refunded back upon unsubscribing/canceling the service.



To Subscribe


Send MTV to 1010


After sending the message, you will receive a confirmation of your request.


You should make sure that the Mobile TV settings is already saved into your mobile, IF NOT, you should send S  MTV to 1010 in order to receive the mobile TV settings and save it as default settings. (We recommend that customers should always request the mobile TV settings after subscribing to the mobile TV service in order to make sure they have the latest settings) 

After making sure from the 3 steps above you should visit this link (mobile.weyak.ae/mtv)  in order to enjoy the service.




Some compatible handsets will give this error message even all the successful subscription steps were followed (Unable to connect to server no enough bandwidth) in order to solve this issues please follow the following steps:

Go to Main Menu / Tools / Setting / Applications / RealPlayer / Streaming / Network , options , advanced setting / UMTS bandwidth and click on user define and enter this number 1000 then click OK (1.00 Mbits/sec will be created and saved)



To Unsubscribe


1- Type c mtv in the message field and send it to 1010 or

2- Call at our customer care number 101, or

3- Visit your nearest Etisalat Business center

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