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EA Games Club:

Games Club is a subscription based mobile portal that allows you to download and play
unlimited mobile games. The subscription charges are AED 1/day, AED 7/week and AED 20/month.

There are no data charges on browsing or downloading from the portal.

To play these mobile games downloaded from Games Club, you need to have an active mobile data connection or allow games to send SMS from your phone to 1617.
There are no charges on sending SMS to 1617


How to subscribe to Games Club?


Its very easy, there are 3 ways to subscribe to Games Club:-

1. Simply visit http://gamesclub.etisalat.ae from your mobile phone.

2. SMS GC to 1617 to subscribe to daily subscription, SMS GCW and GCM to get subscribed to Weekly and Monthly subscription respectively.

3. You can also find subscription options in the My Account section of Games Club mobile portal
( http://gamesclub.etisalat.ae).


How to unsubscribe from Games Club?


Simply SMS STOP to 1617 or visit My Account section of Games Club portal and click Unsubscribe.




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